Ladies Tuesday Group sharing recipes

It has been good to see everyone on hang outs and enjoy social time also.

As you are aware, the Ladies Tuesday Group came up with an idea to share recipes to give each other ideas but more importantly to raise much needed money for Naomi House Hospice.  Well here it is ……

Whilst it is an E-book, you have the option to download and save to computer or print it off if you so wish.

One thought on “Ladies Tuesday Group sharing recipes

  1. Tim’s Chunky Mushroom Omelette

    Not just any mushroom omelette but great big chunky pieces of mushroom!

    This is a simple and quite filling tasty dish.

    Ingredients • 1 Large portobello mushroom per person • Two eggs per person • Melted butter • Tbs olive oil • A little water • A little grated cheese if required • Salt and white pepper to season

    The How to …….
    1. Chop the mushroom into large chunks and gently in vIrgin olive oil 2. Beat two eggs in a bowl and add a little water, season with white pepper and salt 3. Melt the butter into a frying pan and pour in egg mixture and cook over a low heat. 4. When the mixture is beginning to harden/cook, add the mushrooms to one half of the pan and allow to cook gently. Add a little grated cheese if you like. 5. Fold over the other half of the egg mixture and allow to blend top and bottom together 6. Cut in half or three or four and serve with baked beans and other sides as required.


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