Help available

There is no doubt that the last few months have added pressure to a number of individuals and families.

Here are two sources of different assistance.

The Christadelphian Support Network offers a ‘listening ear’ to those feeling the loneliness and isolation of the present situation, and has a number of advisers able to give confidential support on a wide range of issues that members may be feeling or facing. Telephone 0800 9545 099 (select 1 for Helpline or 2 for Prayerline), or go to or

The Christadelphian Benevolent Fund, registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, also stands ready to provide material assistance.

CBF helps brothers and sisters and their families in the UK who are struggling financially. Outside the UK this role largely falls to CBM(W)

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, we learn to cope with most of the ups and downs of everyday life most of the time. However, sometimes things go badly wrong causing hardship and distress as well as affecting those we love. Often help can be found within the wider family circle or from our ecclesia, but when this is not enough CBF is there to help.

Contact is usually through the Recording Brother. More information is available on their website:


All sort of help is welcome.

You also may help us financially by contributing to our Giro bankaccount:

IBAN: BE37 9730 6618 2528  – BIC ARSPBE22 with an indication of what your contribution would prefer to be used for.


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