to help you through your day to help you through your day


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends:

A “passion project” over the past year for me and a few fellow ecclesia members has been creating and populating

Whether travelling to and from work, or just from the living room to the kitchen, is meant to provide a simple spiritual thought – perhaps from a new perspective – that a subscriber can ruminate on all day. It’s not a preaching site. Its focus is simply to promote God’s word as an important part of everyday life. is an “easy share” with colleagues, friends, and neighbors. In fact, I hope it’s seen as a great resource for any of us:

– As a source of inspiring thoughts (we’ve published about 60 so far);
– As an outlet for your own “moments of inspiration;”
– As a means of connecting with others around God’s word; and
– As a starting point for the daily readings.

How can you help?

Thanks for asking.
My goal is to have enough community-shared submissions “in the hopper” to be able to start publishing one each day rather than one each week. So we need your submissions! Future plans include starting a CommuterVerse podcast as a companion project. Assistance can come in four forms, in priority order: Spread the Word. And spread the word. This is an easy, comfortable way to share your hope and the source of your inner peace.

Share-Your-Verse Submissions. These can be as simple as a single sentence or as long as a 3-minute read. (Compare recent posts by John Pople and Jacob Walker to see great examples of the extremes.) These can be submitted anonymously or not.

Comments on Existing Posts This encourages authors who have taken the time to share their thoughts and can start meaningful engagement with and between readers.

Translation Services. This year I set up multilingual capacity on the site. Rather than using a bot to translate the content (terrible idea) the posts are translated by world-language native/fluent speakers (beginning with Spanish but we’d love to include any others). This is a difficult but important project.

Please share this request, and share the resource, with any and all who may be helped by it or may be of a mind to help. If anyone would like to follow up with me directly, I’m at

In the hope we share,
-Bro. Steve Walker

Steve Walker
4835 Kingston Dr
Annandale VA 22003
818-81-IMAGE (46243)



Additional editorial note

We ourselves also present the opportunity for people to send in or to publish themselves meditations but also texts. On From Guestwriters we still can use people to write their own articles or to reblog interesting articles they could find on the net. We always welcome meditations, positive thoughts, and quotes of interest. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in sharing some thoughts or perhaps some poem.



Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me

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