Lela & COVID-19

Lela Children’s Home in Kenya is usually a thriving community of 70 young people. On 17th March that all changed when the Kenyan Government established a country-wide lockdown in response to the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the country. As part of the lockdown measures, the government required all charitable children’s institutions to send children to their guardians if they have them. For 28 of Lela’s children, this meant leaving their friends and the safety of the home to stay with relatives in often difficult circumstances. The rest have nowhere else to go and have stayed at the home.

Food has become scarce and expensive, not only because of increased demand and closed markets under lockdown, but also due to unseasonal heavy rains and flooding devastating crops and extraordinary swarms of locusts destroying whatever is left.

With your donations, Meal-a-Day is continuing to support the children at Lela and help them to adapt to these challenging circumstances. While schools are closed, the children left at Lela are receiving government-issued educational broadcasts via a new TV, without which they would fall further behind with their studies.
Additional hygiene and cleaning supplies have also been provided, including sanitiser, facemasks and extra soap. It’s not as straight-forward for the children staying with guardians as the supplies don’t go as far and most come from disadvantaged homes. Their welfare is being monitored, and Meal-a-Day will continue to provide support, but with no clear end to lockdown and Covid-19 cases increasing, things may get worse.

A Covid-19 lockdown situation was always going to be difficult in a country such as Kenya (and other developing countries) where the majority live one day at a time and healthcare is limited. Until Christ returns, we pray that Meal-a-Day can continue to support the children at Lela during this uncertain time.

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