Lela Children’s Home in Western Kenya

‘Lela’ means caring in Swahili, and care is absolutely what the Lela Children’s Home in Western Kenya provides.

You can see a video where you can hear the first streetboy from Kamakova in 1971-72, who lead a primitive way of live. He did not know exactly who his mother and father were. He wanted to stay with the orphans, who kept coming. A year later he and his wife had 22 kids. He had a long conversation with the Christadelphian Bible Mission CBM who wanted to help. An old community elder freely gave them a donation of land (about half an acre), which was inspected by bro. Alan Sutton. Meal a Day send money and children came in 2009 when the home was officially opened.

Now it is a home to 70 young people aged 5 to 18. Most of the children at Lela faced desperate circumstances before they arrived here. Many are orphans as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Others come from desperately poor families who cannot support their children. Some have been subject to neglect and abuse.

Please watch this video which tells the story of Lela, why Justus and Annette began taking orphans into their family home, and how this eventually grew into the children’s home we see today.


Lela Children’s Home from Stephen Johnson on Vimeo.


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