John Launchbury’s study: Manifesting Christ

Please join Oxford for the study John was going to do for us and them in August on Wednesday evenings.

The study is – as described:

Manifesting Christ:

  1. Insufficiency of Law
  2. Compassion
  3. Follow me
  4. Prayer

These are stand-alone talks – which John will adapt as he sees fit when he presents them. He has already given the study to New Zealand and YouTube links can be found to these talks on his website in the Video Studies section should we want to watch the other subjects.



The Oxford meeting starts at 7h45pm UK time.

The instructions for joining the Zoom meeting are (as given by Oxford)

We plan to use the Zoom platform for all future meetings. Zoom meetings can be accessed in a web-browser or from an app which you download and install.  Using the app is recommended.

To join on a computer or a smart phone/tablet click on this link:

(If you have a camera and/or microphone on your computer or phone you can turn them on and off by clicking on the icons. It is generally best to keep the microphone switched off most of the time. On a computer you can switch it on and off by typing Alt-A or clicking on the microphone icon.)

Phone access is also available by calling the London number 0208 080 6591.  When prompted, enter the meeting ID followed by “hash”, which is 444 984 0155#.  Don’t give a participant ID, just simply press # again.

We will try to ensure someone is around from around 15 minutes before the meeting is due to start to “admit” people who try to sign in, so please try to arrive a little early. If you don’t get admitted within about 5 minutes, then something has gone wrong, so I suggest leaving and trying again. Apologies if the system doesn’t work for you – we will be refining and improving it as time goes on.

There is more detailed information if you need it at:


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