God is calling people of faith

God is calling people of faith. He’s calling people not to believe what they want to believe, but to believe what he’s revealed. God is not a God of confusion.

Faith Foundations Podcast Series

This series of First Principle or “Faith Foundation Podcasts” is a recreation of an original series of Radio Broadcasts created by WCF in the Foundation’s early years of the late 1970’s.
A local Lancaster Pennsylvania Radio Station broadcast them and then the set of recordings were packaged and widely distributed by the WCF Tape library to members and friends of the Christadelphian Church Community.

 These original broadcasts considered the Foundational Principles of our relationship with God as outlined in the Bible. They have taken, what can seem to some, very complicated Biblical concepts and distilled them down to simple and practical foundational principles of our relationship with God.

There are a number of stories, we have received, of people who found them extremely helpful and enlightening. Some listeners even wore out their set of tapes of these broadcasts as they listened to them over and over.

 The timeless messages in these recordings are as relevant today as they were in the late 70’s as they have been throughout time. This new version of this WCF Faith Foundation Podcast series, have tried to keep true to the original scripts but they have recorded with some of the voices of a number of faithful descendants of the WCF founders.

 We hope you enjoy this series of podcasts and that they help you lay down a solid foundation of understanding for the cultivation of your personal Faith.

Faith in the Gospel

So the basis of salvation is by faith through the Gospel. That gospel involves the whole teaching of redemption through Christ. It involves the hope which God has promised us in the kingdom, that He plans to establish through Jesus Christ. The message to us, therefore, is a message of hope.

Does the Gospel appeal to us?
Do we wish the redemption available through Christ?
Do we seek the great blessings which God will bring to this world?

If we do, the Bible tells us that our belief and hope, our faith in this Gospel will be the basis of our salvation.



Looking at things, distinctions resolutions and expressions

The Right One to follow and to worship


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