Christadelphian Shunem home July-August 2020 update

Several Brethren and Sisters have asked how the Shunem Home is coping with the current lockdown restrictions in India highlighted in media reports showing struggling families and food shortages.

Here’s a quick update.

Most of the children were sent back to their homes before the total lock-down at the end of March leaving just 6 children who had nowhere else to go and are therefore staying at Shunem with the elderly residents.

There have been some cases of Covid-19 in the area around the local village, Kitsmatpur, so access to Shunem has been restricted but so far by God’s grace there haven’t been any cases either at the home or amongst the families of the Shunem children.
Shunem aged care is considered an essential service and so staff come in for which they have specially authorised ID cards. They are being paid an extra Rs.100/- per day during the lockdown to help with any extra costs they have during this time, particularly as most of their husbands are daily labourers and not earning right now.

Shunem home in Corona lockdown-time 2020 July

Exhortations, thoughts on readings and Bible Class studies are being recorded for Brothers and Sisters to access on their phones.
Ex Shunem boys, Michael, Sateesh, Vijay etc are helping a lot in visiting the Shunem families. There were many excited phone calls to Sis. Sarah Galbraith from the children after helpers made a visit last week. On Monday food and essentials were distributed to 250 houses in Kukutpally where many of the children come from.

We pray that the angels will watch over the children and elderly residents cared for by the Shunem Home and the “Sun of Righteousness” will soon arise “with healing in his wings”.

With less opportunity to support Shunem through Ecclesial collections, individual Brothers and Sisters who would like to contribute to the work at Shunem can either do so through their Ecclesia’s Treasurer or by cheque or bank transfer to the Christadelphian Shunem Home. For bank transfer account details and the address to post cheques please see the ALS diary entry for the Christadelphian Shunem Home or contact Bro. Mike Page.

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