Today’s thought July 11 Reading 2 – Jeremiah 1 – Historical prophecy

Consider Jeremiah as a type, or historical prophecy, of our Lord Jesus Christ:

  1. In his birth and calling: an appointed prophet to the nations, having God’s words in his mouth: Jer 1:5,9.
  2. As a lamb brought to the slaughter: Christ, having done no sin – neither was guile found in his mouth–  suffered for us, bare our sins in his body upon the tree and leaving an example, that we should follow his steps, healed by his stripes: Jer 11:19; cp Isa 53:7; 1Pe 2:20-24; Joh 1:29.
  3. Jeremiah incurred special displeasure from his own relatives: they that were his own received him notJer 12:6; cp Psa 69:8; Joh 1:11.
  4. Jeremiah faced deep-rooted wickedness in the nation, especially from the priests and elders. Nevertheless he made constant efforts to reform a cynical, corrupt priesthood and to cleanse the Temple of its idolatry: Jer 7–9.

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