Meal a Day news for 1st half of 2020

In 2019, Meal a Day saw a reduction in their total income of 34% compared with 2018. While they are still able to fund their long-term projects for the next year, their reserves are diminishing so any support you can give Meal a Day would be greatly appreciated. We know that now there are no people entering the Christadelphian Halls that organisation risks the chance that nobody can put something in the gift box for that organisation.

The organisation is helping over 12000 young people per year, and Kanaama Interactive Community Support, who have financed 10 water tanks in Uganda. Once again, it is only through your generosity and the blessing of our Heavenly Father that any of these projects are made possible, so on behalf of everyone at Meal a Day we thank you.

Last year Meal a day launched their new Ambassadors Programme which is designed to increase awareness of the work they do and give those who are passionate about Meal a Day the opportunity to become more involved with their charity. They held several events across the country, which were well received, and they are still looking for more volunteers to sign up. We would love to see a member from every ecclesia in this program, so please would you bring this opportunity to the attention of your members.

Last year, CMaD commissioned a retired professional video maker to visit Kenya to highlight the range of projects the fund supports. The use of a drone created a lot of excitement amongst the young people when first launched at each location! And even more so when it was lost at Timboni, where one sharp eyed young person spotted it up a tree and promptly climbed up to retrieve it. Thankfully, only a replacement propeller was needed for it to be airborne again. The aim of the trip was to invite our Kenyan project managers to tell their story and, in the past few months, the CMaD website has featured a film of the Crown City School at Chwele in Western Kenya. Follow this link: to watch. More films will be released over the next year and a film about Lela children’s home can be watched on their website as well. Last year the Lela Home, which means ‘caring’ in Swahili, celebrated 10 years since its opening in March 2009. The Patron and Matron of the Lela Home, Justus and Annette, have been putting the verse from Exodus 22 “Have you cared for the Fatherless?” into action since they were first married. Lela is now home to 70 young people, meeting a key need for children who would otherwise be without a place to call home.

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