Agape in Action 2019 report

It’s amazing how in a few short months, the world has changed yet again! 2020 has started with a barrage of devastating events.  It’s Agape in Action, the Christadelphian organisation committed to supporting the spiritual and physical needs of children and families living in extreme poverty, their hope and prayer that this will lead to our Lord’s return.

Agape in Action is currently working in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, India, Cambodia, and Vanuatu. They have also supported short term projects in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica & Vietnam. These countries experience many challenges brought about by poverty. However, in spite of these challenges, the gospel is being preached and the truth continues to spread.

The year of 2019 has flown by and the organisation can hardly believe that it’s time for them to write another annual report. The world has been in turmoil that year – major protests around the globe in India, France, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Algeria… Bombings or attacks in the Philippines, Columbia, Nairobi, Paris, New Zealand, Sri Lanka… World leaders resigning, being indicted, being expelled or abdicating. Natural disasters beyond compare – Winter storms in the US and Greece, the Brazil Dam Collapse, the tornado in Cuba, floods in Zimbabwe, Uganda, California & Iran, cyclones and states of emergency being declared all over the place, earthquakes in the Philippines. Diseases like the measles reappearing and spreading, killing hundreds. Data attacks, hacking, Twitter Bug, Google errors, the list goes on and all this only in the first 4 months of the year! The world is groaning and in desperate need of Christ’s return. In this uncertain world, one thing remains constant and unchanging and that is God’s word.

Agape in Action has not been untouched by these tumultuous events. In India, they continue to have trouble with a government that is not favourable towards Christians, in Kenya our brothers and sisters have dealt with droughts and flooding, in Uganda with flooding and landslides. All of these events have affected the projects of the auxiliary group.
However, God has continued to bless the work which goes on despite these challenges. 2019 has seen a lot of new infrastructure in their projects, both buildings and water projects.

2019 has seen Agape’s largest number of Christadelphian young people to date, attending high school or college through their Atashinda program and graduating with skills. A number of their young people have taken on the saving name of Jesus through baptism. We’re so thankful for the amazing network of brothers and sister supporting the work of Agape in Action both at home and in the field. Those in the field have dedicated their lives to serving others and tirelessly soldier on when things get tough. Those in the West give voluntarily of their time, energy and resources to enable the work in the field to take place.

Agape in Action people are praying more than ever that Jesus will return to set this world right, but in the mean time we will continue to persevere to spread the gospel message of God’s unchanging word, and to help our brothers and sisters in need while we wait.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Child sponsorship

Child sponsorship lies at the heart of Agape in Action’s activities. It’s the way AinA started and remains its largest project. It is a long-term commitment that provides all the essentials to help a generation of children rise from poverty. The primary focus of the child sponsorship program is providing food and education to children in extreme poverty; and it costs just over one dollar a day to achieve.

Agape in Action supports children through the child sponsorship program in Kenya, India, Vanuatu, Tanzania and Cambodia. Health is supported through nutrition, hygiene and medical care. Education is a long-term investment that starts with nursery school, progresses to primary, then to secondary school and on to college or trade schools. It also includes consistent Bible-based instruction, year after year.
Spiritual support is provided by the family, the local ecclesia , through the correspondence of sponsors, at Bible camps, vacation Bible schools and during team visits. It is a hope and desire that all sponsored children are well grounded in the gospel and live productive lives of service. All the children supported are in Christadelphian Sunday Schools.

Agape in Action’s child sponsorship program is absolutely unique in the following three ways:

1.It focuses on our own family in Christ

2.It sows seeds of hope as the gospel is shared over many years

3.It sends 100% of your sponsorship to the field!

Every single cent. Even the cost of your letters is covered by their CORE partners It’s incredible to see so many graduates from their sponsorship program now. Young brothers and sisters, getting jobs, getting married, supporting their families and their ecclesiae. All they needed was the opportunity…

Child sponsorship in 2019 about 800 children in the ‘regular’ sponsorship program about 900 young people in the ‘atashinda’ program completing high school or college/trades over 420 graduates from the program watch sponsorship impact > videolink:

Further video’s to watch

Watch to see how a life a Lela Children’s Home has changed his life! >

Look at Amani how it provides care and comfort to the most vulnerable and needy. The elderly in this home have enormous challenges and no family to provide care. The  video was put together by the year 10 photography class at Heritage College Lake Macquarie >

To see the latest at Matendo, located in a very, very dry area of Eastern Inland, Kenya, which supports about 40 children who are orphans or from poverty stricken backgrounds. >

Please find the annual report: Agape in Action 2019

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