When you need to get to grips with what the Bible says

Brothers and sisters in Christ grow up with the bible in their hand. We have our daily bible readings, our regular bible classes and regular services with full chapter readings and exhortations.

Mrs. Hilary Higgins might not have the techy skills for digging out a couple of holiday snaps – the sort which are of interesting or beautiful places, so someone clever and willing could all do voice over explanations or travellers tales at their turn like the Newbury ecclesia did with the garden videos.

Who does not have such pictures of buildings, mountains, teashops, sports events, monuments, hairdressers – anything and anywhere we are not likely to see for ourselves for a while.

For sure Mrs. Higgins can bring pictures alive by her pen, and that might prove to be helpful for those who do not see the picture of one of our greatest Bestsellers.

As a “classical homeopathist” and “ecologist” who works part-time at her local Christian bookshop, spending a “lifetime studying the Bible through a varied academic career” and reaching across the age range, our sister enlightens us in the ecclesia regularly with some thoughts. Though her book was conceived 40 years ago, in response to her uncle who found the Bible too difficult to read it might still bring a fresh look and be up to date.
The author had

“a dream to write something that would help people of all ages access the Scriptures …”

From the stall of the Newbury ecclesia is there a new book, that does what it says,to do: just telling it simply.

Telling it Simply offers clear and easy-to-understand stories about all the people in the Bible.

Reading the Bible can be difficult with all the names and places, lists and laws, prophecies and poems.

In her book our sister gives the stories without the hard bits so readers can quickly get to know who the people are, what they are doing and why.

When we want to look something up in our Bible, it is not always easy, because is most Bibletranslations there is no index available. Good to have a useful Index in this new publication. It helps you find people and events easily while the list of story titles lets you navigate the Bible as a whole.

Extra notes make occasional appearances to give added depth to the wealth of detail extracted from the original text. This is the Story of God’s Word. For adults.

Telling it simply: the stories of the Bible (H. Higgins)

For beginners to the Bible to help them to access its message

Some reactions:

I liked telling It Simply. It does a great job of doing what it says on the can – or in this case the book. Nice, clear narrative that closely follows the Bible text and picks out the dominant theme. Very lucid and helpful.

– Tony Dart, CEO, the Seeing Ear online Library for the Blind

Although I am not a Bible reader, I find this book invaluable for answering questions my boys bring back from school.
I get the info I need quickly and it is all written in a light style which makes it easy to pass it on. Just the thing for the family bookshelf.
– Martin hale, chimptamer


* Did you know Noah had a vineyard as well as an Ark? And the trouble it got him into?
* Or why Balaam’s donkey suddenly turned round and started talking to him?
* What part Nebuchadnezzar played in God’s plan and why God made him eat grass?
* Jael’s murderous activities with a tent peg?
* Paul and the runaway slave?
* How Jesus paid his Temple tax bill?

Armed with this book you will quickly grasp the key facts that others are debating enthusiastically round you. Now you can join in. And even put them straight!
More importantly, this book will enable you to read the Bible itself easily. To understand God’s vital message for you, for life, for ever.

You may find it at your ecclesia or Christadelphian bookstore, but could stimulate your local bookshop also to present some copies.

Or you can order it by Book depositoryBol.com or Amazon

for America: Barnes & Noble

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