Preaching in a modern UK or modern Europe

What a wonderful privilege, to tell those around us of the Gospel message! And yet, sometimes (in fact, usually) our message may fall on deaf ears – and we may wonder whether the time, effort and money was worth it. But the answer to that question is always a resounding “yes” – because all our preaching work should bring honour and glory to our Heavenly Father.

There are many different ways to preach, and what may be effective for one brother, sister or ecclesia may not work for another – in addition to our ecclesia, there is also another important helping hand. The Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society CALS is there to help and support all these different methods.

Sometimes, our and their work may bear fruit months or even years later – which is why we must continue to serve God, shining as lights in this dark world. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

Small ecclesia? Ageing membership? Limited finances? Limited or no response to previous preaching efforts? Not an insurmountable problem for preaching.

We ourselves are very, very limited financially. The brother in charge, Marcus Ampe, though retired, works at Brussels Airport to provide money for the preaching work (and to be able to live properly). We mainly use the internet to spread information around the Word of God. That way we could receive on all our websites combined 2 042 854 views for 2019. Furthermore, we distribute our different printed magazines throughout Belgium, whilst our Dutch brethren distribute them in the Netherlands.
For the meetings we come together in each other’s living room, making house-church and use or hire not too expensive public places or meeting rooms.

In the UK

When a small ecclesia you also could try this approach taken by Bury St. Edmunds ecclesia for an effort in May 2019.

Village magazines are usually retained far longer than distributed leaflets, mainly because they contain advertisements for tradesmen and craftsmen who might be needed at short
notice. This results in our advertisements being viewed, even if only in passing, many more
times than a single leaflet. Where manpower is limited, this medium can be a very effective
alternative to billing.

To enable working folk to attend, we hired halls from 9 am to 9 pm and opened from 10 am to 8 pm, allowing an hour each to erect and dismantle the Bible Today Exhibition.
We were glad we did: we had some later arrivals spend considerable time in viewing and conversation.
Visitors were handed the guide leaflet on entry and on departure a 100% degradable clear
plastic bag containing a sample Glad Tidings magazine, a Glad Tidings request form, a
Distance Learning Course request form, a Whatever you think about the Bible leaflet and
our own ecclesial leaflet including contact and website details.

Prayerful determination can overcome many obstacles and find alternatives to the usual means of preaching, as we found.

Preaching to Asylum seekers

As many of you will be aware, the work of preaching to asylum seekers (mainly Iranians) has increased hugely over the last year, and this is being supported throughout the UK by CALS, mainly through the individual Branches. Whilst CALS Management Committee has no input into the organisation of this work, they have assisted with the printing of a Farsi translation of the 40-lesson CBM course.


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