One Word for 2020 bible reading “Intentional”

Taken from: My One Word: 2019 = “Intentional” by Sister Kate, in the Christadelphian Newbury ecclesia Grapevine magazine.

Sister Kate wrote it in 2019, thinking ahead to 2020, and looking forward to using the period between Christmas and New Year to reflect on how she wanted to grow in her discipleship in 2020, and which word could direct her in this.


Has anyone heard of the One Word initiative?

I first read about it in an article in a magazine that talked about making faithful resolutions.
An American pastor – Mike Ashcraft – came up with the idea to support his congregation to live lives of purpose. Simply put, instead of a list of resolutions, you choose just one word that represents what you most hope God will do in you, and focus on it for a whole year.

This sounded great to me. In 2018, I pledged to read the bible every day. I lasted until February. So the idea of simplifying my approach was appealing. I ordered his book, and spent the period between Christmas and New Year reflecting on my one word.
Several words initially came to mind; Rest, discipline, dedication, balance, abide, careful. I prayed about it, and settled on “Intentional” This was all about being purposeful about use my time, and live my life, centred on Ephesians 5

“So be very careful how you live.
Don’t live like people who aren’t wise.
Live like people who are wise.
Make the most of every opportunity”

Has it worked?

Well, I’ve managed to read the bible every day except one so far (and yes I am very annoyed with myself that I haven’t achieved 100%!). Admittedly not always more than a verse of the day, but it’s a significant improvement. I’ve been much more focused on a number of things which has led to some positive results; we’ve raised more than £1500 for the chickens, I’ve been promoted at work, and we are trying hard to balance the demands of our church, work and family life to find the best way for us to live out our faith.

If anyone is looking for a simple approach to refocus your life on following Jesus then I definitely recommend the One Word route.


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