Invest in Faith working together arm in arm

The Belgian Free Christadelphians helps people grow their faith through programs designed to meet the need at hand. To the poor, we show faith through humanitarian assistance provided with outstretched hands and Christian integrity. To those whose faith is waning, we rekindle it through shared service and an uplifted spirit. To the young, we provide transforming programs to prepare and inspire lifetimes of faith.

We’re committed to the simple premise that together we can cultivate more faith. The Lord has formed us for collective purpose, expressed in the Bible’s frequent refrain — Our God, His people.
Simply put, we cultivate more faith when we work together, arm in arm.

A Picture of Faith



He is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither.
– Psalms 1:3



Faith can mean different things to different people. Some people think of faith as a carefully reasoned assent to a set of biblical teachings. Other people associate it with a reliance on God in everyday life. Still others view it as faithful acts in daily living.

In fact, the Bible encourages us to have a whole faith — a Faith of the Head, a Faith of the Heart and a Faith of the Hands. The picture that wonderfully combines these three is a tree. Over and over, the Bible encourages us to be trees of righteousness. There’s a good reason for that. Just as a tree has roots, trunk and limbs, so our faith must be deeply rooted, strong and reaching out to others. It takes all three.

Faith of the Head

Faith of the head comes from the reasoned conclusions we arrive at through thoughtful study of the Bible and mutually edifying discussions. Faith of the head connects us to the mind of Jesus, giving direction to our lives, and so underpins and informs faith of the heart and hands. Our understanding and wisdom represents the deep roots of the tree, anchoring it and constantly supplying nutrients.

Faith of the Heart

Faith of the heart is the sturdy trunk of faith, giving support in our lives when winds blow. It’s the aspect of faith that carries us through times of challenge. We lean on God instead of relying on self. Faith of the heart brings two huge benefits to our lives. It provides the right lens through which we can make Godly decisions. It makes God our rock during fiery trials.

Faith of the Hands

Faith of the hands is our acts of service that we do as a result of what we read in our Lord’s commandments and see in His example. It is the limb and branch by which the body reaches out to others, guided by the head and heart. Just as the leaves of a tree constantly release life-giving oxygen, so our faithful acts offer life to others.

Individuals may naturally be drawn to one aspect of faith more than the others. Such variation is useful to acknowledge so that we create opportunities for believers to act on their faith. Regardless, as individuals and as the body of Christ, we should strive to cultivate the whole tree of faith. Our faith will be strongest and grow to greatest height when it is deeply rooted, the trunk is strong and the limbs and branches keep reaching out.

Supporting the whole tree is the very core of our brotherhood’s approach to cultivating faith.


Please support our work today by investing your time or your financial resources.

You can offer your services at our office in Leefdaal and/or in the appropriate ecclesiae.


Please also do know we have very limited funds.
Financial aid is more than welcome.
You may support us by contributing to our working.

Payments can be made at
Account: BE37 9730 6618 2528
Please specify your preferred goal.


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