Hoddesdon Christadelphian Conference 20-22 March 2020

The Hoddesdon Conference 2020 shall bring

A weekend of praise, worship, Bible teaching and practical living.

  • On Saturday: 16 workshops covering Bible study and practical living.
  • On Sunday: Breaking of Bread and a study from Steve Ash (Oxford).  His subject is “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

Further details can be seen on their web site at www.hoddesdon.org

Hoddesdon is able to offer any one aged 25 and under a reduced fee of £30 and they are also offering a concessionary rate of 50% of the full fee to anyone who feels they would like to attend but are not able to pay the full fee.

Another option would be for your ecclesia to sponsor a member or members to attend the conference with the aim of benefiting your ecclesia or the individuals concerned.

Hoddesdon is sorry they are not able to offer the concessionary rate for ecclesial sponsorship.  If it is the intention of your ecclesia to sponsor a delegate, then we suggest that you contact Hoddesdon to reserve a place now and complete a booking form at a later date.    If your ecclesia is sponsoring a member, please specify the particular workshop required to benefit the individual.

Please be assured that if your ecclesia decides to book a place or places ‘in blank’, only to find that they are not required, all monies paid will be refunded.

We also have funds available for Youth Projects (details on the website Youth Project Fund).  So, again, please do let your members know about this as well.

20 Christchurch Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 8ST
T: 01202576807/07905765420 E: bookings@hoddesdon.org

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