Bible Characters Gallery

The brand new Bible Characters Gallery is a modern preaching initiative developed as an easy to use and portable display for ecclesial use. Eye-catching illustrations of Bible characters by Brother Mark Pennington first published in The Testimony magazine have been reused to striking effect to create
an impressive exhibition array that would work in any location.

The images have been printed on twenty-one individual A2 boards which are mounted on easily assembled and fully adjustable easels and displayed alongside a backdrop of vibrant roller banners. The exhibition is completely flexible – you can simply set up as much as you like to suit the space you have.

Bible Characters Gallery – a modern preaching initiative + portable display for ecclesial use., with eye-catching illustrations of Bible characters by Mark Pennington.

Each piece of art is branded under one of the main theme words, (Believe, Become, Belong), with thought-provoking captions printed alongside each image.
The viewer is prompted to ponder important questions about evidence, faith and truth, as well as realising that issues and topics in the biblical stories are very much ‘modern’ problems, thus emphasising the relevance of the Bible’s message to today.

More information, including a guidance pack PDF including every image and caption, is available from
bible characters gallery @ gmail .com.

– Nathan Walker

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