Workbook and Discussion Guide on marriage

At the Birmingham Christadelphian Office you may find from March 6 onward, a new book designed to help readers explore and discuss marriage in both a modern and a Biblical context. This Workbook and Discussion Guide can be used by individuals, couples (either privately or in marriage preparation counselling) and groups such as marriage workshops. eight sections cover topics from Biblical foundations, dating, finding the right partner, the roles of husband and wife, communication and coping with challenges. The Workbook is made up of discussion questions, exercises and Bible study tasks to underpin the practical topics discussed and can be used as a standalone book, or in conjunction with For Better, For Worse.

Whether you are single and considering what a future relationship might mean, or dating and considering marriage — or whether you have been married for two or fifty-two years — this book will help you reflect on and explore many aspects of relationships through the lens of Bible teaching and examples of couples it contains. Given Western society’s teaching about relationships, it is crucial to understand the Bible principles and how they apply in the context of modern life.


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