‘M’ for Meditation – Choose a Psalm

The path we walk as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and as children of God is described as the “narrow way” – and with good reason. We regularly encounter snares, obstacles and potholes as we patiently navigate the rocky road. Yet there is also much light and beauty to enjoy as we make that journey.

An A-Z of Discipleship considers the many and varied aspects of discipleship – from cultivating acceptance to showing zeal. Down-to-earth, God-centred and thought-provoking, each chapter will both comfort and challenge the reader. With questions for consideration throughout, this book can help with personal devotion or be used as a basis for group study.

Excerpt from An A-Z of Discipleship by Sister Amy Parkin

The book of Psalms is like a banquet for the hungry disciple: there is so much food to choose from! Yet there is little benefit or enjoyment to be gained from hurriedly swallowing it whole. It is far better to savour each bite and to spend time chewing each mouthful.

One way in which you could use the Psalms — or indeed any suitable passage — to meditate is to read your chosen Psalm slowly, line by line, thinking about how each phrase applies to your own life. Immerse yourself in the emotions you feel as you read each verse. Ponder the context: how did it apply at the time it was written, how did it apply to Christ, and how does it apply to you? Allow the words you read to change your perspective, still your anxious thoughts and renew your hope.

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