Christadelphian 2020 February issue

This year started strangely not with real Winter weather. Normally February is the coldest month but near the end also the first month when those in the Northern Hemisphere catch the first signs of Spring. Days begin to lengthen and the shoots of early spring flowers become visible, encouraging us on to the great blessing of rebirth and new life. Meanwhile, those in the Southern Hemisphere are usually able to enjoy warm days of the passing Summer although the weather in Australia (heat, fires and now floods) has been anything but usual this year.

Signs of changing seasons are nothing compared with signs indicating that God has not forgotten His promise to establish the kingdom. At the end of January President Trump published his “deal of the century”, a proposal for peace in the Middle East. In line with previous announcements and actions, the plan favours Israel, and notably was announced with Benjamin Netanyahu at President Trump’s side. Although it was quickly rejected by many of Israel’s opponents and enemies, a few countries in the region have indicated some support, even if only lukewarm.

Whether or not this plan takes us closer to a position of peace and security is difficult to say, but it is another indication that this age of man is coming to an end. Now is the time to lift up our heads.

This month’s “The Christadelphian” magazine again with a wide appeal for people who want a mixture of Bible-based articles – exhortations, character studies, general features and practical suggestions about living as a follower of Jesus Christ brings a wide range of articles looking also at the present situation.

In the community section the Christadelphian Care Homes report on plans for engagement events scheduled for the coming months and there is a report of a marriage retreat, aimed at improving and strengthening marriages. The apologetics series, “Yes … but …” addresses the accusation that religion is the cause of wars and violence.

In exposition we continue our look at Elijah (Brother Anthony Oosthuizen), this time considering the episode of Naboth’s vineyard, and Brother Joe Harding writes on the significance of “heart, soul, strength and mind”.

Once again there is an expanded letters page to accommodate some thoughts on the ecclesial roles of brothers and sisters (a topic we will be returning to) and the Sunday Morning article (Brother Joni Mannell) reflects on the sabbath, and the best kind of rest is foreshadows. The Signs of the Times section assesses the impact of the US assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

As always, all our plans and endeavours are intended for the glory of Almighty God and are subject to His blessing.


If you have not received your magazine, please check that you have renewed your subscription. Please note the Christadelphian Office is happy to accept subscriptions at any time.

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