Free Christadelphians looking for help with their magazines

Christadelphians are convinced that Jesus has given his followers the task to spread the Good News. Therefore, the Free Christadelphians from Belgium take that matter very seriously and not only preach wherever they can in public and private places.

To reach more people they also produce several magazines in paper as well as in electronic versions. Creating such publications requires a lot of effort. The aim is also to reach as many age groups as well as different religious and non-religious people.

Our Dutch children magazines help children to come to know more about Bible stories. We have two different paper versions, one for very young kids “Kids en de Bijbel” and one magazine for teenagers, for children aged 11-15, “Jij en de Bijbel”. Both magazines look at Bible stories and go deeper into them.
We are very pleased to find the primary school publication “Kids en de Bijbel”, with its colouring pages, puzzle and craft pages, also to be used by other denominations in their Sunday school classes. “Jij en de Bijbel” has also found its way to two evangelist congregations. The youngsters may come to see how they are part of a community wider than their own Sunday school, these magazines establishing links between the stories and lessons they learn through lessons and readings, and giving them a possibility to create a self-driven interest in the puzzles and activities they contain.

For the older public, we print and distribute the Dutch magazine “Met Open Bijbel”, with sections for adolescents, adults less known with God and His Word, and a section for more advanced believers or serious Bible students, “Zelf studeren met Open Bijbel”.

Those 3 magazines are produced 6 times a year. To meet this need we can always use some extra hands and brains. Also, for our other magazine, which wants to present a reader’s digest, with a selection of writings in Dutch, English, French and German we are looking for interested contributors for the many fields tackled in that magazine. As such we need historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, Bible researchers and Bible Students, psychiatrists, pedagogues, but also those who want to play with language and would not mind sharing their view on writings or offer us a selection of interesting poems and stories (in one of the many languages).

In case you have no idea what “From Guestwriters” want to present, please have a look at the internet: From Guestwriters, where you can give yourself up for helping us out by either writing yourself some articles or by sharing material you found on the internet, worthwhile to read.

We are convinced that those who have their own blog on WordPress for sure, also would come to read other WordPress blogs, and should be able to find some interesting articles to share with us on From Guestwriters. Sharing such articles from yourself and from others, should not be so difficult, nor time consuming, when you know WordPress itself foresees the easy sharing possibility, with the link or tool: “Reblog” (It can be fixed in a minute or two to re-blog an interesting article, giving others also the opportunity to come to know and to read it.) So, do not hesitate or procrastinate to become a “re-blogger” for us.


It is by working together, sharing ideas and by letting others know interesting articles, that we not only can spread God’s Words but share some ideas to come to a better world.

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