Faith Launch 2020

Join WCF FaithLaunch 2020 to Prepare for a Lifetime of Faith! 

What Is It?

FaithLaunch is a personal faith development program with a critical goal: Prepare and equip young disciples for a lifetime filled with faith as they launch into all the unknowns and challenges of living. It is designed to inspire faith growth and to prepare and support participants as they navigate through life’s inevitable faith challenges on a college campus, in the workplace or family, and in ecclesial life.

The program focuses on a whole faith — one of head, heart and hands. It will not only outfit your faith journey with some basic training and understanding of faith issues, but also provide decision processing tools and skills. It will also present service opportunities to manifest your faith and give something back to our Lord, for his grace.

FaithLaunch also recognizes that none of us take our faith journey alone. Vital parts of the program include equipping disciples with lessons from those who have taken the journey before them, connecting them with networks of peers and  faithful mentors, and helping them develop a strong relationship with our Lord.

FaithLaunch is not just a one-time event, bible school class or youth gathering. It is meant to launch faith seeking young adults and support them throughout their faith journey. Beyond the initial training, the personal faith development plan and support networks, FaithLaunch will present ongoing opportunities to strengthen and hone faith, over the full arc of life, as represented by a magnificent tree feeding on living waters.

Learn More & Apply


FaithLaunch is designed for post-high school young adults that are going to college, entering a career or starting a family. Older adults, early in their faith journey, will also be considered for the program.


The program will run from July 5 – 19, 2020, God willing.

This is a 2-week training and strategizing session, followed up by ongoing contact with both mentor and youth networks through online medium and occasional face-to-face participant gatherings.


The initial launch event will take place in Guelph Ontario at the beautiful Crieff Hills Retreat Centre.


Thanks to generous WCF donors, FaithLaunch is offered free to all those who, upon application completion, are accepted in the program. In addition, travel costs may be reimbursed, based on need, up to $800 / participant.

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