Today’s thought “Having enemies ashamed and greatly dismayed” (January 03)

In today’s Bible Reading of Psalm 6 we can find David pleading with His and our God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

Prayer for mercy in time of trouble.

David, expressing his pain and turmoil both internally (v.2) and externally (v.7), asks the Adonai to not rebuke him in His anger and not to discipline him in His wrath. (Psalm 6:2)
More than once we as believers may feel mocked at, threatened and challenged. Often we do feel oh so weak. We should know that like David, we too, can ask God to be gracious to us, even when we are weakened with grief, but our bones would not yet shudder with fear. More than once in our life we do hope those against us shall depart from us because The Elohim heard our cry and saw our weeping (Psalm 6:3,8)

We can ask the Adonai to be with us. He shall turn towards those who will follow His commandments. He shall be willing to save them because of His mercy. (Psalm 6:5)

Let us ask the Most High Adonai to hear the sound of our weeping. Let us put our hope in Him hearing our cry for mercy and to accepts our prayer, so that all our enemies be ashamed, and stricken with terror and turn back in sudden disgrace.

“9 Jehovah hath heard my supplication; Jehovah will receive my prayer. 10 All mine enemies shall be put to shame and sore troubled: They shall turn back, they shall be put to shame suddenly.” (Ps 6:9-10 ASV)



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