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We are coming to the close of the civil year. Yesterday in Belgium the Winter holiday started for many people. It is a fortnight when people can take lots of time to enjoy family and friends gathering in the cosiness of decorated places, be it at home, in party rooms, hotels, in cold or warm places, they love to be partakers of a warm cosy gathering.

The week before Christmas, from 18 to 24 December the Flemish population in Belgium wants to show that they take care of everyone. Studio Brussels and the entire VRT, together with the whole of Flanders, want to prove that again during the Warmest Week of Music For Life with solidarity and awareness campaigns taking place all over Flanders and Brussels.



VRT StuBru logo.svg a few days time many shall sit around a Christmas-tree sharing and exchange gifts with each other. It is true that every day is filled with opportunities to be generous, but each year there are certain times which present themselves as special times to think about others. First there is the Pesach time 14-22 Nisan, Next there is Christmas, which for lots of people is considered a time designed for showing our human and loving site, by participating in generous acts and events, like the popular VRT television and radio program (of Studio Brussel) “Warmste Week” (the Warmest week) and other multimedia fundraising events.

How many shall be willing to share with those they do not know so well, or to share the most precious gift our world received?

Invest in Faith with us and with the Christadelphians

What We Are Doing

The Belgian Christadelphians their mission is Cultivating Faith Together. Our aim is to show people worldwide how the world has received the most precious gift, by the Nazarene Jewish rebbe Jeshua, better known as Jesus Christ, the son  of God.

As Brothers or Brethren in Christ or Christadelphians we want others to come to know the Gift from God which is a Gift of Grace and a Gift of salvation. We want others come to know their life depends on the faith in that Gift of God.

It might well be most people think we have a life in some good times, not looking forward very much for better times. But we want to show the world there is much improvement possible and all of us can help or contribute to it, believers in God as well as unbelievers. But we do want to show there is much more improvement to find, namely a grandiose better world. Though we want to warn everybody first there shall come a miserable time of great tribulation. By unlocking the Bible prophecy and explaining what God is about and what Jesus Christ is about and what they said we would love to see mankind prepared for those times to come.

As believers in the prophesies and promises of God we do have faith in the many predictions made long ago and in the working of the Divine Creator.

As real followers of Jesus we want to follow up the task he has given to his disciples and to those who wanted to follow him. Not only do we have to proclaim the Word of God, but we do hope to get people to come to have faith in God His son, Jesus Christ, the gift of God to the world.

To give that mission of cultivating faith more concrete expression, we focus on three major initiatives:

Helping Ecclesiae Cultivate Faith

Our Belgian community is a very tiny one, but we do have contacts with lots of other very small communities and Brethren living in isolation. For them and all interested people we provide several websites and a few printed magazines.  We als forge a strong set of tools that ecclesiae can use to grow more faith, including spreading Faith Talk leaflets and videos, and Faith Podcasts to inspire faith. We’re also helping to identify best practices to spur growth.

Nurturing Faith in Youth

Being a very tiny community of believers we join hands with bigger organisations like CBM and WCF together making new investments in youth development activities — seamlessly connecting existing youth programs and providing capstone experiences that help our youth grow faith for life.

Expanding Opportunities For Faithful Service

We believe faith grows fastest when it’s active and exercised. So we’re helping individuals and ecclesias find new ways to serve others and give back for God’s grace. These include White Fields opportunities abroad and new ways to serve here at home.

Invest in our Mission

In order to keep our work moving forward, we need workers and funding. Please help us to proclaim the Word of God. May we request not to mind to volunteer or donate today?

May we ask you to entrust us with the funds and possibility to help others?

You can reach us at our office in Leefdaal or by e-mail ( or provide us with financial aid to continue our necessary work:

Payments are welcome at the Argenta Bank c/o Marcus Ampe BIC: ARSPBE22BE37 9730 6618 2528 with the mention: “Aid for the work in Christ” or “Funding for Witnessing”  or “Funds for Africa” or when you want to support our ecclesia in Shenai “Funds for India”.



Find more about us, Christadelphians

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