Wanting to know more about Christadelphians

Lots of people have no idea what Christadelphians are or for what they stand for.

A new book published by the Christadelphian The Testimony magazine in the form of a number of chapters written by different brethren, seeks to highlight the distinctive nature of Christadelphian beliefs.

Topics covered include: the verbal inspiration of the Bible; God-manifestation; the Hope of Israel and God’s promises to Abraham; the nature of Christ; the representative sacrifice of Christ (the Atonement); the mortal nature of man and the need for bodily resurrection; the Devil as the personification of sin; the Holy Spirit as the power of God; the ecclesia as the church of Christ; and the Christadelphian way of life.

Cover of the book entitled Built upon a Rock ‒ NEW ‒ £7.50 > Find out more about it:

Built upon a Rock – Distinctive beliefs and practices of the Christadelphians

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