Signs of the times – “Cornish tin found in Israel”

A few months ago a scientific journal, PLOS One, published a remarkable paper written by an international team of scientists – from Germany, Italy, the USA and Israel. They provided the results of their analysis of twenty-seven tin ingots (blocks) found at “well-known sites in the eastern Mediterranean Sea” – some from shipwrecks off the coast of Israel – that are more than three thousand years old.  The scientists said:

Ruin of Cornish tin mine

“By using a combined approach of tin and lead isotopes together with trace elements it is possible to narrow down the potential sources of tin for the first time … it is further possible to exclude many tin resources from the European continent and, considering the current state of knowledge and the available data, to conclude that Cornish tin mines are the most likely suppliers for the 13th-12th centuries tin ingots from Israel”.

Some 19th-century commentators believed that Tarshish was Britain, including Alfred John Dunkin who claimed “Tarshish demonstrated to be Britain” (1844).
George Smith (1850) was like Heeren convinced from Strabo, that the Phoenicians not only traded with Spain, from the Balearic Islands to their colony at Gadir (Cádiz), but also to Malaca (Málaga) and Britain, but actually conducted mining operations in the former country [Smith, George (1856). Sacred Annals; Or, Researches into the History and Religion of Mankin[d]. p. 557. ]

James Wallis and David King’s The British Millennial Harbinger (1861), John Algernon Clarke (1862), and Jonathan Perkins Weethee of Ohio (1887 also assumed that Great Britain is the Tarshish of Eze. xxxviii. 13, or the chief of both {Weethee, Jonathan Perkins (1887). The Eastern Question in Its Various Phases. p. 293.}

For Bible students, this scientific evidence is of particular interest because it is entirely consistent with the view that Britain is the Bible’s western Tarshish, from which tin came (see Ezekiel 27:12), and part of the group of nations that will be opposed to the latter-day Gogian invasion of the land of Israel (see Ezekiel 38:13).


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