Classroom Makeovers

Agape in Action committing 100% of our regular donors’ funds to the field.

An Agape In Action Education and Training Update

Some classrooms in Kenya and elsewhere get a bit dilapidated. With hot, dusty conditions and at other times deluging rain, over-crowded classrooms etc… it doesn’t take long for non-permanent structures to get into a state where they cannot be used.

Thanks to donations and an item in our gift catalogue that allows for classroom maintenance, we are able to take the worst of our classrooms and make them better so that the children can learn in a safe and conducive environment.

Here is one example at the Good Samaritan Academy in Coastal Kenya. If you are interested in purchasing classroom resources visit the Agape in Action Gifts of Hope Online Store. If you purchase the Classroom Resources gift it will allow use to provide an Agape in Action Primary School with a classroom makeover. Desks and chairs will be repaired and replaced, educational posters will be provided, walls painted and general maintenance work done. This gift will brighten up a classroom and create a learning environment the school can be proud of.

100% of funds go straight to the field. Every dollar you donate goes directly to gifts.

When purchasing this gift you will be sent a “Classroom Makeover” gift certificate via email. In the email you will have a link to aJPEG Gift Certificate. This Gift Certificate can be displayed on-screen, emailed to a friend, or printed. (Please note, Agape in Action does not print Gift Certificates.) Click here. –

Read more about Agape in Action at 

Classroom Resources

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