Yatta Ecclesial Youth Camp

The camp took place at Matumaini Children’s Family Home sponsored by AinA run by Brother Lazarus and Sister Evelyn. The program of the camp was full with 4 or 5 Bible lessons within a day, discussions and questions, photo taking (AinA), handymen activities and games.

I was so pleased and happy by how the fellow young youth were organized; we all wake up early in the morning 6:00 am took cold shower though it was raining and by 6:30 am we were all in the hall for a morning thought. All the activities and lessons on that day went on as planned. During the handymen activity, which was after Bible lessons, I did a demonstration about “team work” and then we went to the Matumaini Home to do it practically, by lifting a 10,000 L water tank to a stand height of 14 feet! It was not an easy task we had to come up with ideas and work as a team to make it work. And finally the tank was at the top, very amazing…

The 4th day, we had AinA sponsored kids letter writing and then preparation of kingdom by candle light. It was a long-awaited activity by most of the youth. Other youth had another community service activity – we were visiting 5 widows from the ecclesia, making for them benches and also giving them small gifts such as rubber shoes and washing soap. We did it voluntarily and much willing as we had to show them Christ’s love. At 7:30 pm we had to enter the kingdom by candle light so we took our dinner a bit earlier than other days, everybody was eager to enter the kingdom. We had taken some videos of young people saying why they want the kingdom of God to come, but unfortunately, we did not manage to show the videos. We quietly entered the kingdom, welcomed with a drink and afterwards we did a meditation concerning the kingdom like around one hour. Since the camp was coming to an end, with only remaining one day to go, we had singing and did a lot of talking about how the camp was.

We had a big number of youth about 143 young people who attended the camp. You might think the sleeping area was an issue, but it was not, we had mattresses on the floor and it was very comfortable. The following day was our memorial service day. Before that we had woken up early 6:30am to have our last morning thought, we had a memorial service, afterwards lunch, and then farewell for those who could manage to travel at that time.

Everyone at Matumaini was seen bored after camp and wishing if the youth camp could have continued for one week. The ecclesia elder/Matumaini daddy and mum Lazarus and Evelyne, plus ecclesia parents, gave thanks on how the camp was well conducted and organized.

What a beautiful youth camp! I would like to give a lot of thanks first for our Heavenly Father for the care and protection. He provided for us. And also not forgetting Agape in Action who made the camp how it was by sponsoring. Thanks very much and may God bless the youth.

Bro. Tychicus

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