Rain water tanks

An Agape In Action Water and Sanitation Update

Access to clean water is completely life changing in every way. Clean water, good hygiene and adequate sewage disposal prevents disease and saves lives.

Clean water is very much taken for granted in the West. When we turn on the tap, clean water flows. It has always been there. This isn’t the case for over one billion people, including many of our brothers and sisters in Africa and Asia. Collecting water is a daily burden that is often tasked to girls. Water collection reduces the time available for earning an income or going to school, which in turn contributes to ongoing poverty.

Water is often contaminated with water born epathogens causing debilitating illnesses, some of which result in death. Agape in Action’s Water Program provides clean water to families, ecclesias and communities. Rainwater tanks and wells at ecclesial halls and Agape in Action schools are the most common ways clean water is provided. Wells are open to the entire community.

The majority of our sponsored children attend primary and high schools that are government run. Often these facilities are lacking in basics including water! Kids often go all day at school without a drink of water in hot conditions. They don’t have water for toilet facilities, washing or cooking. Often students walk long distances to get water that may not be suitable for drinking.

In one region, AinA has provided rain water tanks at several schools where we have sponsored children attending. This will help all of the students at those schools to at least be able to have clean water to drink and not have to waste precious school hours going long distances to collect water.

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