Aims and rules of the Belgian Free Christadelphian Ecclesia

The Belgian Free Christadelphian Ecclesia (church) is a community of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, bound together by a common understanding of God’s revelation in the Bible. All our affairs are subject to His will.

As individual brothers and sisters and as an ecclesia our aims are to serve the Father and Jesus Christ His Son in acts of devotion, to help each other in our walk to the Kingdom, to instruct our young people, and to preach the Gospel of salvation whilst carrying out charitable works and the provision of pastoral care to our neighbours and the wider community.

Membership of the ecclesia is open to those who accept the doctrines and precepts of Christ, as taught in the Bible and defined in the Statement of Faith, and who have been baptised after their acceptance of those doctrines and precepts, and whose application for fellowship is accepted by the Pastoral Committee.

Members of the ecclesia are in fellowship with all who have been baptized, accepting the same doctrines and teachings.

Every interested person is welcome to visit our services and Bible studies. Though, even when everybody may be welcome to be present at the Breaking of the Bread, actively taking the bread and wine is reserved for baptized Christadelphians only.

We re-affirm that Christ teaches his brothers and sisters to love their enemies and to do good to those that hate them, consequently, brothers and sisters will abstain from carrying weapons or from joining the State Naval, Military, Air or Police Forces.



Our Objectives

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