In the nurture and admonition of the Lord

Bringing up children has always brought its challenges. However the 21st century seems to bring more challenges than previous generations experienced.

The Testimony published: In the nurture and admonition of the Lord

This book, in around 30 chapters written by different authors, give a Biblical perspective on the subject. It seeks to offer support and advice to Christian parents who are keen to do their very best, with God’s help, to raise what the prophet Malachi calls a “godly seed”.

The topics covered include;

What we want for our children, Pregnancy, The role of the ecclesia, Helping children learn about sex, The uncertainties of parenting, The perils of the world, The role of grandparents, Preparing children to leave home, Education, Home schooling, Children with special needs, Adoption and the loss of a child.

These chapters are complemented with Biblical example s family life. Role models to copy and role models to avoid.

A book commended to all who have an interest in the upbringing of children whether our own or the children of others.

The book costs £8.50 plus postage.
Please order from

Peter and Norma Forbes
16 Mountfields Drive
LE11 3JE
Giving your postal address.

An invoice will be sent with the books.

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