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New website “

There is much evidence that the Bible is a message from a power much greater and wiser than ourselves. The Book of books written by many people from different backgrounds over a period of over 1,500 years, it is for many a mysterious book of which they not always see the thousands of linked ideas.

This new Christadelphian site takes a new approach by encouraging students to look at the Bible text.

The “Understand your Bible” site is run by the worldwide community of men and women who base their beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it as fully inspired by God. The name “Christadelphian” was first used in the mid 1800s, but we believe that there have been people throughout history who shared and still share our beliefs.

We are united by a shared faith based on the holy scriptures, and we look forward eagerly to the completion of God’s plan for the world and mankind – the setting up of God’s kingdom when Jesus returns to the earth as God’s appointed King.

Look at themesWe want to help everyone to understand the Bible message for themselves. Being convinced that people themselves have to find their way to God and have to make their own choice, we can only offer some help in searching for the truth. To succeed in the search for the truth, we invite each individual to read the Bible  thoroughly and to compare its sayings with our and others their doctrines. Only by seriously to examine the different teachings and by comparing them to Biblical sayings we think people can come to the truth, if they are willing to examine the Bible with an open spirit and daring to put traditional human dogmatic teachings aside.

The site looks at the Bible text to show the Bible message.

Puzzled personStudents are taken through a 52 week 3 part plan as they read one chapter a day. They are introduced to the site content by several “read more …” links on the home page.

Each day page has the Bible text and questions which are answered by a verse in the chapter. There are also summary points, a timeline reference and a link to a relevant Bible theme or information. Each day page can be downloaded as a pdf file.

The material can be downloaded as pdfs as a basis for discussion groups.

“Your notes” sheets encourage students to look at the Bible text for themselves. They can think about questions and make their own summary of each chapter before comparing with the site information. These sheets can be downloaded and are currently available for the first seven weeks. More will be added on an ongoing basis.

The site contains themes illustrated with Bible verses. These cover most of the Christadelphian basic doctrines and give Bible advice for living.

The “More information” section contains maps and historical details.

The summary points for the first seven weeks have been reviewed in detail. The remaining weeks will be reviewed in due course.

People can look in more detail at some of this evidence on the evidence – you decide website

Introducing the Bible DVD

The “Understand your Bible” site offers also the same literature you can find at our office, like the Introducing the Bible DVD which includes the following 6 presentations:

  • Should I be interested in the Bible?
  • What is in the books of the Bible?
  • Who are the main people in the Old Testament? – part 1
  • Who are the main people in the Old Testament? – part 2
  • Who are the main people in the New Testament? – part 1
  • Who are the main people in the New Testament? – part 2

But it offers also The “Evidence – You decide” Booklet Pack containing the following 5 booklets:

  • Accurate predictions 1 – Egypt, Four Superpowers
  • Accurate predictions 2 – Unwilling witnesses
  • A law ahead of its time
  • Archeology
  • A consistent message


A6 Cards advertising the site can also be ordered direct from quoting Job No. 2144702. Typical prices £23/100, £43/1,000.

Business Cards can also be ordered direct from quoting order Job No. 2145354 Typical prices £16/100, £26/1,000.

You are welcome to put a link from your ecclesial website and publicise the site on social media.

For more details contact bro. Lawrence Cave.

We thank the many brethren and sisters who have helped in various ways in the preparation of this site. We also thank our heavenly father and pray for His blessing on this and all our efforts to spread the knowledge of His Word.

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