2019-2020 season objectives

Our Objectives

We want to make clear to the general public that as a community of Brethren and sisters in Christ our intention is to follow the Jewish Master teacher Jeshua, better known as Jesus Christ.

The work we do is all done on voluntary base, offering services in the Name of God whereby nobody receives wages from the community, but (in addition to the daily job that must ensure a personal income) is happy to do the works of faith,

1. To glorify God and His Son
2. To share God’s love and truth
3. To support one another

Our charitable objectives are currently described in our Governance Document as:

To advance Bible-based Christian faith to the glory of God and the honour of Jesus Christ in accordance
with the Christadelphian Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (Section 3) for the benefit
of members of the public and the worldwide Christadelphian community particularly in and around the Low Countries (the Netherlands, Belgium and the North of France) by means of:

– Leading lives centred on Jesus Christ –
• Based on the Bible, on fellowship and on prayer.
• Based on the example set by Jesus Christ.
• Being ambassadors of Christ to our friends, families and neighbours.
• Engaging with the public through periodic collections for charitable needs, including
collections for relief of suffering throughout the UK and worldwide where appropriate.
• Serving, to the extent feasible, the pastoral and other welfare needs of ecclesial members
and others.

Offering and receiving spiritual and practical support and development –
• Based on worship that is honouring to God and accessible and relevant to all.
• Led by prayer that rests on the will of God and his purposes.
• That is appropriate to people of all ages and wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

Being seen and known in the wider community –
• Understanding the communities in which we live and seeking to be involved in them and
in caring for them.
• Building appropriate bridges between our church and our community.
• Taking every opportunity to share the Good News about Jesus Christ and the Gospel of
• Holding meetings, open to the public for worship, prayer and Bible teaching.
• Preaching to the public through personal engagement and/or by invitations to preaching /
teaching meetings and/or by other means.
• Engaging with the local public through the provision of Sunday School, Youth Club(s),
Coffee Mornings and/or other occasional activities.

We shall continue to publish articles on our different websites and in our quarterly printed paper magazine “Met Open Bijbel” in the hope to reach more people and to give an insight in the Biblical Truth.

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