Tour d’ Agape For Elvira Children’s Home

An Agape In Action Homes And Shelters Update

Elvira Children’s Home, pictured below, is in a very rural area of Andhra Pradesh, India. The children here are mostly from tribal peoples who live in the hills where there are no schools.

The 28 children at Elvira sparkle with happiness, thankful for food, shelter, clothing and a chance to go to school. Riders from Adelaide, Australia, cycled up to 136km to raise funds for the Agape in Action Elvira Home! They managed to raise a massive $14,000 which has been used to build a new dormitory for children, and support the running costs of the home.

A huge thanks to the volunteers who spearheaded the Tour D’Agape Adelaide fundraiser for Agape in Action. This Tour D’Agape Adelaide team have been energetic supporters of Agape in Action for many years.

Did you know 100% of the money donated to Agape in Action goes directly to the field?
Fundraisers such as this allow us to continue our work. Every bit helps. Fundraisers big and small all make a difference. We are so grateful to all those who are willing to give up their time and effort to help us help others.

Tour D’Agape Adelaide team supporters of Agape in Action Elvira Children’s Home Andhra Pradesh

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