Preaching in the Indian forest

An Agape In Action Spiritual Care And Development Update

Forest covers over 22,000 km2 of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. In this forest, far away from the nearest towns and cities, there are small villages. Each of these villages has 50 to 70 families. They are isolated and do not have access to what most of us would consider essential – running water, phone networks, health care, hospitals, newspapers, or employment. They are isolated from the outside world, poorly educated and often very superstitious. Some villages still practice human sacrifice. It’s in these remote villages that Bro. Andrew & Sis. Subha, who run AinA’s Faith Home, along with young people from the home and the local ecclesia, have been preaching. Bro. Andrew started seminars for the tribal pastors in these forest areas in 2018. A few villages had heard about Christianity, but they did not know the basic truth of the word of God as there was no one to guide them.

It is very difficult for people to work with the tribal people due to lack of transport, shelter, food and also a myriad of diseases such as malaria and typhoid.

Supported by Agape in Action, discussions and debates went on over the months with these pastors who in turn were teaching the people in their villages. Some then talked about getting baptized. Since January 2019, Andrew, Subha and the youth group have been visiting these areas every weekend to teach them the truth, encourage them and to build temporary meeting halls (huts) for them to meet on a regular basis. The nutrition drink program is running and village children are provided the drink every Sunday morning. As food is sometimes hard to come by, this attracts more children to come to Sunday school and learn the Bible stories and songs.

AinA supported a truth camp in February and nearly 150 people from 10 different villages attended.

Please keep this amazing effort in your prayers as the gospel reaches these remote parts of the world!

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