Guiding principals for Agape in Action

1. Activities firmly grounded in scripture

As Christadelphians or Brothers and sisters in Christ we feel that supporting the needs of our family in need is not an optional feel good ‘humanitarian’ action, but an essential part of following of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Seeing our brother in need requires a practical response from those who have this worlds goods. It is so central to the life of a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, that 1 John includes it as the litmus test of whether one is of the truth. (1 John 3:17- 19). Our Lord alludes to it when speaking of the judgment – inasmuch as ye did it to one of the least of these, ye did it to me – providing food, water, shelter, clothes, comfort. These practical acts of love are the distinguishing features of those who enter the kingdom.

2. Agape in Action activities focus on physical & spiritual support

Agape in Action focuses on providing both physical and spiritual support to those living in extreme poverty.

Many of those we support lack almost all the basic necessitates of life – adequate food, clothing, shelter and clean water. They also lack the most basic luxuries of life including electricity, health care and education. Our goal is to raise our brother and sisters out of extreme poverty in order to alleviate their suffering and support their spiritual development. We are there for the long term to ensure the gains mad are sustained.

3. Working with the CBM and local ecclesias

The CBM has not only been a key partner, but an essential one. So much more can be achieved when working together collaboratively.

From the outset we made a very conscious decision to work closely with the relevant CBM. The founders of Agape in Action, James & Deb, have been actively involved with the CBM, CBMA, CBMC and ACBM and have spent a number of years in mission fields (India, Trinidad & Tobago, Kenya, Vanuatu, Guyana, Cameroon, Philippines, Jamaica & other Caribbean countries). Local ecclesia are essential partners and are engaged in the development and oversight of Agape in Action projects in the field.

4. We do all we can to avoid harm

We know how easy it is to cause harm while trying to do good. The approach to providing care can reinforce stereotypes and perpetuate feelings of inferiority or helplessness.

We see ourselves as partners, and we carefully listen to the needs, ideas and wisdom of those with whom we work. We value local ways of doing things and never presume to know what is best for those we work with. While it’s tempting to go in and fix situations, we know that its far more important to allow our local counterparts to propose, manage and take ownership of projects; in most cases, we support activities that are already in place – we simply facilitate them to be scaled up to reach a wider audience.

We are also very careful in managing finances.

We mitigate spiritual harm by:

•working with the relevant CBM and only working with brothers or sisters recommended by the CBM
•starting projects small and growing slowly based on demonstrated competence and faithful stewardship
•working with ecclesias and committees rather single individuals whenever possible
•putting in place robust accountability measures
•avoiding the creation of financial or marital incentive for people to become Christadelphians

5. We are committed to impact and efficiency

There are many models and approached to really helping those in need. And we have made an effort to support projects that will have the biggest impact with the fewest resources.

For acute needs, handouts are sometimes needed and the most appropriate response. However, we highly value longer term programs that will allow individual to break the cycle of poverty and be able to support themselves, their families, their ecclesias and others in need.

We feel that one of the most efficient and effective ways to provide physical and spiritual support is through child sponsorship. It is a long-term investment in health and education of a child. This slow and steady approach to development is the best and most effective way to achieving lasting impacts. It also provides a unique opportunity to provide spiritual support over many years and strengthen the next generation of spiritual leaders.

Agape in Action has consistently spent less than 2% of its income on administration.
From 2016, these administrative expenses are covered by a special ‘core’ fund allowing 100% of individuals donors to give their money to the field. As Agape in Action manages all their own projects in the field, we have no partner organizations taking overheads. Bottom line, Agape in Action are incredibly efficient and ensure that every dollar donated has maximum impact in the field – proving both physical and spiritual support.


Help us to help others:


Canadian Office 70 Delavan Drive Cambridge, ON N1S 4S3 Canada

Australian Office 16 Pinnaroo Close Belmont North, NSW 2280 Australia

United States Office PO Box 146Three Rivers, CA 93271 USA


Further collection points at local ecclesiae and CBM offices worldwide


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