Treasure … New and Old

Treasure … New and Old is an Anthology of writings by Sister Ray Walker which were published in The Bible Student and New Bible Student between 1970 – 96.

The material is, generally, grouped to address specific topics.

The first five chapters highlight how Abraham’s instruction left a legacy which can be seen even in the days of Jesus.

The next twelve chapters look at the damaging influence of Platonism on the gospel and the way in which biblical concepts are misused by other churches. This is particularly helpful as we can so easily be infected with the wrong teaching of those around us who profess to believe in Christ.

Detail from the church of Lambrechtshagen, Germany, 1759: Daniel in the lions’ den with Darius the Mede above.

Four chapters are devoted to investigating Darius the Mede – a man shrouded in mystery as far as secular history is concerned.

Six chapters look at the significance of God manifestation in the context of His plan of salvation.

Three chapters look at the often perceived complex relationship between providence and prayer and touch on “magic”

The final section of five chapters examined Jesus in the context of “The Exodus of the Son of God” highlighting useful Old Testament connection for topics such as “the comforter”

In addition there are 3 further chapters, one dealing with which Old Testament manuscript that Jesus used.

A book that can be highly recommended for the breadth of its coverage of important issues.

The book costs £10.00 plus postage

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Peter and Norma Forbes
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LE11 3JE
United Kingdom

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An invoice will be sent with the books.

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