Signs of the times – “The Iranian corridor”

In recent years Iran has gradually extended its influence across the Middle East – both directly and through proxies – and its unremitting hostility to the State of Israel is a source of deep concern in that country.

Recent press reports, such as the following comments from The Guardian, have highlighted Tehran’s determination to have “a corridor” of influence from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea:

“Securing a route through western Iraq and eastern Syria has been a core goal of Iran’s leaders over the past three years … Regional officials say the establishment of such a corridor would entrench Iran’s influence in the centre of the region”.

The article continues by quoting an Iraqi government adviser who explained that Baghdad has “no control over its borders” and added,

“The main concern is the possibility of the transportation of missiles from Tehran to Beirut that will target and threaten the security of Israel” (August 29).

In recent months, Israel has targeted weapons facilities run by Iran or its proxies in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. In such a volatile region, the outbreak of a larger scale conflict must be highly likely – and a development to be expected in view of Iran’s role at the time of the end, according to the prophets (see Ezekiel 38:5).

  • With thanks to Brother Roger Long

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