2019 Williamsburg Conference (Dec. 27-31, 2019)

The theme of this year’s Williamsburg Conference is “Holding”.

It is an everyday activity that might easily be overlooked. We hold people in our hearts and ideas in our minds. We hold on to God while God holds on to us. We also hold things, like palm branches and pieces of unleavened bread. If we stray further into this realm of physical objects, we begin to see containers holding things — holding water, holding wine, holding seeds, holding oil. And then there is Jesus.
Who and what held Jesus?
Who and what does Jesus hold?
What about the things which ought not to be held, not to be grasped?
And what of the things that we perhaps ought to release, things whose time has passed?

This year’s Williamsburg Conference explores these and other questions. Bring your thoughts, your questions, your Bibles, and your friends, and join us as we consider the purposes, challenges, and benefits of holding.

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