The Way of Truth and Love Therein

We can only hope to get our minds under the influence of the truth,‭ ‬by steeping our minds in it,‭ ‬and this is only to be done by laying it down for ourselves as a rule to read it continually,‭ ‬day by day.‭ ‬If we do that,‭ ‬then we shall get at the result‭; ‬the mind will become steeped because we steep it.‭ ‬When you get hold of a man who thus steeps his mind in divine things,‭ ‬what a luxury beyond expression‭! ‬You then experience what it is to love in the truth.‭

There is no love so genial,‭ ‬none so rich,‭ ‬so pure and lasting as that which springs from a unity of interest in spiritual things.‭ ‬The real joys of existence are all connected with the truth‭; ‬outside the truth,‭ ‬there is nothing but doubt,‭ ‬anxiety,‭ ‬fear,‭ ‬distress,‭ ‬sin,‭ ‬and death.‭

They,‭ ‬therefore,‭ ‬make a great mistake who let the truth slip from any cause,‭ ‬or who give the truth the second place in the economy of their life.‭ ‬There are no circumstances that will justify such a mistake.‭ ‬God will not accept any justification of it.

The Ambassador of the Coming Age, May 1868

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