Strangers and Pilgrims

Continued from: • Nominal Friends of the Truth

• Strangers and Pilgrims

Now what I mean to say is this,‭ ‬that if you yourself are thoroughly engrossed with the truth – if you are one of those strangers and pilgrims who feel,‭ ‬mournfully,‭ ‬that you have here no continuing city,‭ ‬but look for one to come – your love is feebly excited by such an individual.‭ ‬His acceptance of the truth imposes upon you the obligation to recognize him,‭ ‬to help him,‭ ‬to countenance him,‭ ‬to co-operate with him‭; ‬but you feel you have to put forth an exertion to do it,‭ ‬as a duty to Christ.‭

He does not draw the love out of you,‭ ‬because he lacks the spiritual magnetism which the heart generates in a heart that fully takes it in.‭ ‬Temperance movements,‭ ‬scientific hobbies,‭ ‬and political agitations are of no value to the man who has the truth.‭ ‬They are beneath his notice,‭ ‬as a matter of life service.‭

They are gods of the world,‭ ‬at whose shrine worship is worse than wasted.‭ ‬They will be nowhere when our life is run out,‭ ‬and the times of the Gentiles are past‭; ‬and yet so imperfectly educated is this class of man we are considering,‭ ‬that he prefers the bubbles of the passing generation to the solid riches of Christ.‭ ‬What a pity for all concerned.

The Christadelphian, May 1868

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