A Body of sin

The body is body of sin‭ (‬Rom.‭ vi. ‬6‭)‬.‭ ‬

To allow it to rule means death.‭ ‬Where it reigns there are visible:‭ ‬bitterness,‭ ‬lying,‭ ‬pride,‭ ‬vanity,‭ ‬selfishness,‭ ‬anger,‭ ‬lust.‭ ‬The body can be held in subjection but only in one way,‭ ‬viz.,‭ ‬by the sword of the Spirit,‭ ‬which is the Word of God.‭ ‬When heat is brought to bear upon metal,‭ ‬its appearance becomes changed‭; ‬remove the heat,‭ ‬and the metal gradually returns to its normal condition.‭ ‬So it is with the body.‭

Just so long as the influence of the Bible is allowed to operate upon it is it kept under.‭ ‬Remove that influence and the flesh again asserts itself.‭ ‬The flesh is naturally powerful and asserting.‭ ‬God is testing it by means of the flesh.‭ ‬Happy is the man who knows and realises this.‭ ‬He is on his guard God could create impeccable and immortal beings straight away.‭ ‬He does not do so because He requires character‭; ‬and character is developed by contact with evil.

The Christadelphian, Aug 1887

[‘contact with evil’ ie. obedience under trial]

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