Do we need to learn to accept ourselves as we are?

Everyday we do have to face our self.

In this world we encounter so many people who are not happy with their looks, their work, their politicians, their “this and that”! When not happy with the own body many look for aesthetic corrections.

The Coffeeshop rabbi writes

Often we adopt a resolution because there is something we don’t like about ourselves. Do we need to change that thing – or do we need to learn to accept ourselves as we are? Did we need someone to guide us as we made that change? Did we need to seek out better support? Did denial about something important keep us from from our resolution? Or did we take on a resolution because we wanted someone else to change? (Spoiler: that never works.)

Wishing us a happy Half Year he also gives the advice

Let’s use these days of summer to think about those old resolutions. If they succeeded, celebrate! And if not, let’s mine them for insight and opportunity. {July 1: This Year, Part Two}

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