Today’s thought July 12 Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 25 Faithful wife of the wicked Nabal

Commenting on the example of Abigail — the faithful wife of the wicked Nabal — Jane Roberts writes:

“It sometimes happens that the husband is overbearing, and forgets the conditions which engender a loving and ready service on the part of his wife. He neglects the working out of his pattern, and takes to admonishing his wife about some flaw in her attitude, instead of acting the part that would remove the flaw. Paul nowhere enjoins upon the husband to assert his headship over his wife; but exhorts him to meet his wife’s loving and spontaneous subjection by following the example of Christ, with the great love with which he loved the ecclesia. However, to follow this, would lead me out of my province. I must leave him to think it up for himself, hoping he may, as the result, approve the more excellent way. I direct my thoughts and counsel to the sister-wife who finds herself mated with such a one. Her task will be a difficult one, but let her not quail before it. Let her by all means endeavour to fulfil in a becoming manner the duties and responsibilities of her position. Let the dignity and patience of her meek and quiet spirit, be the means of heaping coals of fire upon the head of her faulty companion, if such she have. Let her remember that a

‘soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger’ [Pro 15:1].

14th-century depiction of Abigail tending Nabal.

If she has a Nabal to deal with, she can at least, like Abigail of old, show herself to be a woman of good understanding; and her wisdom may, like her, avert much evil that would otherwise come upon her household.”

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