Daily thought for July the 8th and the Summer months

Throughout the year lots of people are cramming their schedules full trying to gain as much money they can. Lots of people are running themselves ragged for the purpose of feeling valuable, when in reality they feel worthless because they are chasing the temporary, the fleeting rather than chasing the One Who will give us that value and satisfaction.

Monday the 1st of July was for many in Belgium the beginning of the Summer holiday.

The first week might have been to recover from the heavy workload of the year gone by very fast. This year nobody could complain not having enough sun that week. Today it is colder and the sun is hiding. But what about our human side, hiding or not?

We may have enough money to go to some lovely place but do we think about those who are limited to the place where they live? Have you thought about those who are less blessed than most of us?

When you look around do you see that there are lots of people who also can use some company them, though living in such a place full of people, being lonely?

When you are somewhere nice, do you still find some time to think about the One Who made everything possible? Lots of people when they have their Summer-break do not make much time for God. Then, when they should have much more time than in the rest of the year, they do not seem to find time to go to a church-service or to have some religious or spiritual time together. Suddenly there does not seem to be found a moment to pray or to read the Bible. The mind seems to have gone far away as well.

We should know when we are free of most daily duties, that should be the best time to take more time for our Creator as well as for our Saviour. Very often it is also a time that we can meet more people and can spend time with more people. In how-far are you willing than to spend some time to talk about Jesus and about his heavenly Father?

Do not be afraid to let others know that you are a follower of Jesus Christ and that you believe in his heavenly Father, Him being your Only One True God, Who you want to worship and serve. By your attitude and way of presence (your way of life) let them see and feel that you share the values a Christian worthy. Let your manners on the location of your holiday be an example not just how a human being has to behave, but showing the love of Christ and the readiness to be there also for others.


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