Lack of funds for Bartimaeus

Bartimaeus is one of the smaller Christadelphian Charities located in Bangalore India.

In January 2016 the charity managed to purchase their own building, with the aid of a generous legacy. The advantage of this was not having to pay rent, or incur costs of moving to new premises when each lease ran out.

From January 2019, Bartimaeus has experienced a sudden and unexpected drop in donations. This has coincided with some urgently needed repairs and increased costs for many of our basic supplies.

For the resource and aid centre for the blind It is becoming very difficult to balance their books with increasing costs and unexpected repair bills.
The facility has capacity for 36 residential students but only takes half that number due to lack of funds.
The aim of this appeal is to ask for donations but also to ask if you could include them in your regular collections. Even one collection per year would make a difference.

Bartimaeus Vision

Bartimaeus is a Centre for the blind and visually impaired.
It seeks to provide a free education to visually impaired young people so they can become regular, employable members of Indian society.
This is done knowing that the blind are ambitious to live as normal a life as possible, supporting both themselves, and also their families.
This is the need that the centre is fulfilling with the support of local benefactors and the Christadelphian community world wide.

Bartimaeus their Challenges

At present, the poorer sections of Indian society are not geared to educating the blind in the modern sense of the word. Their employment prospects are considered to be limited to basket weaving and garden furniture and very few families have the means or the initiative to enable them to go further.

Cheques to: Bartimaeus
170 Druids Walk, Chard, Somerset.BA201BN
BACS to:
UK Barclays Sort Code 20-20-37
Account No 90823864

Charity registration 1063021 – Christadelphian aid for visually impaired


May God continue to bless the work that the Bangalore Ecclesia are doing for the visually impaired. Your prayers for the ongoing work are appreciated.

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