Today’s Thought “Rejoicing” (June 11)

Today’s Thought


(June 11)

Today we may hear wonderful words in Isaiah 35.

We get to hear that there shall come a time when the desert [wilderness] and dry land will ·become happy [rejoice]. We may count on it that the desert [arid plain; or Arabah] will be glad and will ·produce flowers [blossom; bloom]. Like a ·flower [lily; crocus], it will have many blooms.

Today we look forward to such a time when dry lands where no one can live shall be places of beauty where people can reside again of go to to enjoy and to see the splendour of what god has offering this world.
We look forward to the time that everyone will see the glory of the Most High manifest presence and the splendour of our God.

Today we still live in a world where many godless people try to make others afraid and weak. We do know that there shall come a time that God shall shake those ungodly people  and shall make the weak hands strong and the weak knees steady. (Isaiah 35:3). Therefore we call onto the people to come to God. To people who are frightened [anxious; L hasty of heart], we want to give courage and show them that Jesus is the way to God. (Johannes 14:6) We can comfort people and tell them that in case they want to receive God in their heart, the Most High Elohim shall be willing to come to them. All people shall come to see how God shall punish His and the enemies of the believers.

Say to those whose heart is afraid, “Have strength of heart, and do not be afraid. See, your God will come ready to punish. He will come to make sinners pay for their sins, but He will save you.” (Isaiah 35:4 NLV)

With vengeance God shall look down on to the adversary and He will make them pay for the wrongs they did […with the retribution of God], but he will save those who love and worship Him.

Today there are lots of people with physical difficulties, but we may look forward to a time that the blind people [L eyes] will see again, and the ·deaf [L deaf ears] will hear [Matt. 11:5; Luke 7:22]. Also crippled people [Then the lame] will jump [leap] like deer,
and those who can’t talk now [L the tongue of the mute] will shout with joy. Then all lovers of God, who lived according to His commandments and who preferred to be of Gods world instead of this world, shall see the world renewed and even find ourselves renewed (2 Corinthians 4:16; Isaiah 35:5-6).

In that renewed world there shall be a road, a highway be called

“The ·Road to Being Holy [L Way/Highway of Holiness].” (Isaiah 35:8)

Though the world shall come to know that evil people [The unclean; C ritually] will not be allowed to walk on that road. Only good people [C those who walk in the Way of Holiness] will walk on it. No fools [C the morally corrupt who disregard God] will go on it. That road will be for the people God saves [redeemed]; the people the Lord has freed [ransomed] will return there.

There shall come a hard time which shall be followed by a lovely time when we who love the Only One True God shall be able to enter the Kingdom of God and even enter Jerusalem [L Zion; C the location of the Temple] with joy [or singing; shouting],
and those lovers of God their happiness will last forever [L eternal joy will be upon their head; C as a crown].

Make sure that such happiness also may become a part of your life. Let the hope in Christ’s return also bring gladness and joy to you.

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