Today’s Thought “Jehovah is about to lay the earth waste” (June 01)

Today’s Thought

“Jehovah is about to lay the earth waste”

(June 01)

In today’s reading we get a warning that the Most High Divine Creator of all things shall destroy the earth in such a way that it shall be empty or lay it waste, Him going to ruin or distort the surface of the land and going to scatter its people [inhabitants]. (Isaiah 24:1)

We are warned that the earth will be completely empty [devastated; laid waste] having its wealth be taken [plundered], because the Most High Lord above all lords has commanded it [spoken this word]. man shall see the earth going to dry up [or mourn] and die [wither]; it going to grow weak [languish] and die [wither]. The inhabitants shall also see their leaders become weak [languish]. (Isaiah 24:3-4)

We can wonder how many people are going to be conscious, because the earth shall also be defiled by its inhabitants, because the peoples have transgressed the laws, violated the ordinances, broken the everlasting covenant. In our days we can see that the majority do not follow [have violated/transgressed] God’s teachings [the laws/instruction; L Torah] (Isaiah 24:5). All those who do not follow God’s commandments shall be found guilty and shall have to pay for their guilt. (Isaiah 24:6)

Let us not forget that at that time [L In that day] Jehovah God will punish the powers [armies; hosts] in the sky [or heavens; L heights] above and the rulers or kings on earth below. the world shall be able to see how they will be gathered together like prisoners thrown into a dungeon [in a pit/cistern]; they will be shut up in prison, after much time [many days] they being punished. (Isaiah 24:21-22)



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