Today’s thought “The eyes of man are never satisfied” (April 17)

Today’s thought

The eyes of man are never satisfied

(April 17)

Proverbs 27

How many people do not brag about what will happen tomorrow? we should know that we don’t really know what will happen then. Though about the future, we have the Book of books which tells us about signs for the latter days. And knowing that every prophesy became a reality,we may count on it that the prophesies concerning the future shall come true. We should be fully aware that the signs we can see today and which are spoken off in the Bible, we should take seriously at heart.

Knowing that bad days  and great tribulation shall come should not make us to moan. Complaining of a foolish person causes more trouble than either. (Proverbs 27:3)

The Scriptures warns us to be sure that we remain humble and wise to possibilities. We are in God’s hands, we have no control over what might come next in our lives but we trust the Most High to order our lives for us and only by His grace are we praiseworthy. {see Prov. 27:1-2, Isa.56:12, Luke 12:19-20, 2Cor.10:12,18, 12:11, James 4:13-16.}

Those who love the Word of God shall read it regularly and learn from it. They shall do their best to get the Wisdom from the infallible Word of God. Doing their best to become wise we will make God happy and have Him respond to any insult. We getting wisdom from God’s Word shall as a wise person see danger ahead and shall be able to avoid it. But a foolish person keeps going and gets into trouble. (Pr 27:11-12) As such we shall look at what happens in the world and compare it with what we have read in the Scriptures. The servant of God should really take those sayings and prophesies to heart and live accordingly.

We are never satisfied with the things that we want. This is exemplified in children. They ‘have to have’ something but when they have it they very shortly afterwards want something else. We, as adults, are just like that, though we pretend that we are not. People will never stop wanting more than they have and they shall not mind to attack other countries to enlarge their territory. Though we should know we live in a temporary situation in which governments continue not forever. There shall only be one governement which shall last for ever and that it the one God shall give to His authorisedSent one“, the man who did not his own will but did everything to please his heavenly Father. When Jesus returns he shall reign in the Kingdom which belongs to his heavenly Father, and which shall last for ever. It is that governement for which we are on the look out and on which we have put out hope.

At the moment we may not know what another day may bring, but we may be sure that one day Jesus shall return and shall open the small gates to the Kingdom of God. It is now that we should prepare ourselves to be ready to enter those small gates. For the time being we shall not be as gullible people going ahead and suffering, but shall put our hope on the Most High and as sensible people foresee trouble and hide whilst preparing ourselves for the time of Great Tribulation. As long as we live in this system of things we shall try to stay fully aware of the condition of ourselves and our flock, being faithful in the small matters (those which relate to our daily life).

The Proverbs speak of things being “better than” on a number of occasions. Here is a list of them  15:16,17, 16:8,16, 17:1, 27:10, 28:6. It is worth looking at all of them to see the pattern that the writer, through the Holy Spirit presents.



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