April’s issue of The Christadelphian

This month’s issue of The Christadelphian has its usual range of exposition, practical and community articles, with perhaps something of a concentration on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Brother David Simpson has written a sensitive summary of the Trials of Jesus and the concluding part of Brother Jack Aitkenhead’s two-part series “Pilate Marvelled” considers how our Lord gave his life. A timeline illustration, created by Brother Ethan Barrett, charts the events of the final 24 hours of our Lord’s life.
Other articles include a book review of Brother Don Pearce’s Milestones 2018, and the beginning of a short, three-part series on our hymn book (this has been prepared by Brother Robert Tarrant who has had an interest in hymnology for many decades (and incidentally, he wrote the words to hymn 150, “Lord, impart to us Thy wisdom”).
The Editorial this month was an appeal to the young, to complement March’s appeal to the older generation. These two Editorials need to be considered hand in hand. They are designed to help ecclesias move forward in godly, spiritual ways, avoiding the keeping of traditions for tradition’s sake, and warning against new-fangled ideas simply because they are modern or fashionable. A considerable amount of comment has been made as a result, and it will be interesting to hear what other readers think.

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